Running a project folder with several files

Suppose you have a folder with several .v files in it, where one of them contains your main() function, and the other files have other helper functions. They may be organized by topic, but still not yet structured enough to be their own separate reusable modules, and you want to compile them all into one program.

In other languages, you would have to use includes or a build system to enumerate all files, compile them separately to object files, then link them into one final executable.

In V however, you can compile and run the whole folder of .v files together, using just v run .. Passing parameters also works, so you can do: v run . --yourparam some_other_stuff

The above will first compile your files into a single program (named after your folder/project), and then it will execute the program with --yourparam some_other_stuff passed to it as CLI parameters.

Your program can then use the CLI parameters like this:

import os println(os.args)

[!NOTE] After a successful run, V will delete the generated executable. If you want to keep it, use v -keepc run . instead, or just compile manually with v . .

[!NOTE] Any V compiler flags should be passed before the run command. Everything after the source file/folder, will be passed to the program as is - it will not be processed by V.